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Published: 15th September 2010
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Moved to a new city, no friends, not even acquaintances who can tell you about something as trivial as local grocery shop. Feeling lost, lonely and helpless? Already cursing your decision of relocating to a place where people speak different language, overcharge and exploit you just because you are ignorant. Don’t get frustrated; Just visit and get all information.

Click2Reach is India’s local search engine and a trusted guide for the people. It’s the Indianised version of Google which has information on anything and everything that you are looking for in India. You can get details ranging from local drugstore to a famous saree shop in Mysore from any of the 240 cities and towns in India.

Click2Reach is omniscient and offers round the clock services to make your life easy. This search engine will connect you to just the right person you are looking for, thereby helping you save on time and money. It has a huge database which is segregated into sponsored and non-sponsored clients. The sponsored clients figure high in the list which the user gets on calling. While the caller gets the information free of cost, the sponsored client has to pay whenever an order is placed.

Click2Reach is a killer start-up which has achieved tremendous success in a very short span of time. It’s the vision of a man who understood mounting frustration amongst people because of the information gap and how this void in the market could be turned into an opportunity.

The website of this online search engine has a very simple interface to reach out to the masses. All you have to do is select the city from the drop down menu and search for the product/service that you want. This website registers almost 1, 00,000 hits every day. The service providers receive almost 5,000 calls on a daily basis.

So the next time the city overwhelms you pick up the phone, punch in your round-the-clock city guide number and Click2Reach will do the rest.

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